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Only Heavenly Know

Only Heavenly Know
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Sunday, March 10, 2013



                                                        ENO SKTT MALAYSIA
                           Hosted  LOVE  OUR  RIVER CAMP.    More than 80

                           students and  teachers enrolled  themselves for a two day

                           camp in Telok Teduri  School.  Facilitators  from The River

                           Care Unit conducted the Water Monitoring Activity. A part

                           from  that  students  also watched  slide show on Beautiful

                           Rivers And  Dirty Rivers to evaluate the status of the river

                           which they are going to carry out their activities.



                                         The excellent students were REWARDED
                                                         for their commitments.


                                             ENO INDONESIA TEACHERS,
                               Water Monitoring Activity at Sedim River Malaysia


                               LOVE OUR RIVER PROTECT THE INHABITANTS
                                                     LOVE OUR RIVER

Friday, June 1, 2012


If you travel through the country, you will see 
a lot of Malaysian houses and villages..
 Notice that they are built with stilts below and 
they have large windows. This is mainly 
to keep the building cool and the stilts
 elevate the building to keep them away from floods.
Kampong houses are detached houses and 
they usually have no fences around them 
The traditional Malaysian house serves the housing needs
 of the majority of people living in rural areas of Malaysia. 
It was evolved by the Malays over the generations
 and adapted to their own needs, 
culture, and environment. Basically a timber house with
 a post and lintel structure raised on stilts, 
with wooden, bamboo, or thatched walls
 and a thatched roof, the house is designed 
to suit the tropical climate. 
Credit to MalaysianTraditonalHouses.  

                                         ENO Indonesians members in Telok Batik

                                     Wooden house with coloured glass windows and carvings
                                                                        Front view     

                                                                     Side  view


                                                    Double - storey cottage Malay style


                                                                   At  leisure

                                                    Peaceful and cozy surrounding 

                                                               Scenery  at dusk